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"One time, when I was with him, he drove a brand new convertible, with only thirty miles on the odometer, at top speed for such a long stretch of the Texas highway that the engine began to smoke and eventually caught on fire. He slowed down and shouted to me, "Clax, when i tell you to jump, jump!" We did jump out of the car just as it burst into flames. Steve sat on the side of the country road at a safe distance from the burning vehicle and laughed his head off"
William Claxton

Steve McQueen was passionate about sports cars. Prematurely dead, this man will be multifaceted: daredevil motocross and sports cars driver, movie star, father, sex symbol, both nice and naughty boy. Forever associated with Porsche, in the movie "Le Mans», driving both his nice slate grey 911 S and the monstrous Porsche 917 GULF , wearing his famous beige jacket with red and blue stripes , Steve McQueen is " king of cool ".

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